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Aciyan Print Machinery
Stall No:  1.J51
Company Description:
We are the leading manufacturers of Automatic Feeder can feed min 45 gsm paper to Booklets of 64 pages with Variable data printing attachment for numbering barcode and address printing with online creasing, perforating and sticker half cutting. Launched for first time in the world by us In April 2016 this unique product is affordable solution for small and medium commercial printers for their day to day varied jobs which requires number and perforation. Also for various other segments like continuous form peinters, labe printers, exam answer sheet booklet peinters, large commercial peinters with 4 colour etc for thwie varied applications like large volumes of variable barcodes, databases. Our VDP is powered by hp tij 2.5 technology imported from USA comprising of unique isolation transformer, smps for protection, stand alone print controller connectable to 8 heads extendable upto 32 heads and panasonic sensor and encoder. Our ink technology is unique which is compatible to both porous and semi porous substrates. We have installed more than 50 machines all over India (Dehi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada, Raajkot, Jaipur, Vapu, Kochi, Bengaluru etc aand Nepal.
Contact. Sivanraj 99426 34335 or Ramaswamy 98434 17875.
Product on Display
Auto Eeder Variable Data Printing Machine for Numbering, Barcode and Address printing with Creasing, Micro Perforation nd Sticker half cutting.
Located at:
No.1, Appanaicken Palayam, Tudiyalur Coimbatore 641034 Tamil Nadu India

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