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Wenzhou Yonbond Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stall No:  5.C214
Company Description:
Wenzhou YOUBOND Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the research and production of laminating machine, is the current domestic laminating machine manufacturers the most complete model of the enterprise. Products cover all in the middle level, high standard and sophisticated laminating machine. We can also according to the actual needs of users to carry out personalized laminating machine customized services
The company now has laminating machine of the invention patent and utility model patents more than a total of 20 items. All products have independent intellectual property rights. Multiple projects included in Wenzhou key technological innovation projects, the company was named Wenzhou science and technology innovation oriented enterprises, patent demonstration enterprises, all products through the EU CE certification.
Product on Display
YB-1450H/1650H Servo type laminating machine
This machine adopted with motion control system and servo correction system perfect combination, using multiple sets of photoelectric sensor at the end of the paper the relative position, control top paper on both sides of the servo motor independent drive compensation action, top paper and bottom paper precise positioning. Servo laminating machine has the advantages of simple operation, only need to input the size of paper can be completed automatically adjust the machine.

YB-1300E/1450E/1650E Automatic flute laminating machine
This machine is used for color top sheets and corrugated paper laminating, top paper adopt scale continuous paper feeding, unique front gauge positioning way to insure the bottom paper never exceed. Easy to operating and maintenance.

YB-1300D/1450D/1650D Automatic & Manual Laminating Machine
Manual & Auto Laminating machine, according to the actual production of users to select manually or automatically paper feeding, such as large volume / paper smooth, available feeder automatic paper feeding, otherwise can choose to manually paper feeding, regardless of the long working 、short working 、quality sheets and bad paper.

YB-1100B/1300B/1450B/1650B Semi-automatic flute laminating machine
This machine use bottom sheet automatic sent by suction device, and top sheet feeding manually. This humanized design makes paper feeding easier and more efficient. It is suitable for color top sheet and corrugated paper laminating, color top sheet and grey cardboard laminating.
Located at:
No. 266, Yanxi Road, Songaodi Village, Guoxi, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, China

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