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Khushi Graphics
Stall No:  1.E52
Company Description:
Khushi Graphics deals in sale/purchase of imported/rebuilt offset printing machines from Europe, USA, U.K,Canada. Our company deals in single, double, four, five, six color machines of Heidelberg, Komori, Adast, Polly brands
Product on Display
Latest *STOCK LIST* of Printing Machines


1. *Heidelberg SM 102S+L*, Year : 1993, 6 + Coater, Alcolor, CPC 1.02, CPTronic, IR Dryer, Size : 28x40 (On the way)

2. *Heidelberg SM 74-6PLX (1+5)*, Year:1995, 6 + Coater,Alcolor, Autoplate, CPC 1.04, CPTronic, IR Dryer, Size : 20x29 (On the way)


1. *Heidelberg SM 102F+L*, Year: 1990, 5+Coater. CPTronic,CPC1.02,Alcolor, IR Dryer, Size : 28x40

3. *Komori L528 Fully Loaded* ,Year : 1999, Autoplate,AMR, PQC, Komorimatic Dampening,All 15 Hardchrome cylinders, Size : 20x28 (On the Way)

4: *Heidelberg SM 102FP (1+4)*,Year : 1989, Alcolor damp, CPC 1.02, CPTronic, IR dryer, Size : 28x40


1: *Heidelberg SM74-4H* , Year 2000, Autoplate, CPTronic, CPC 1.04,Alcolor, Size : 20x29

2: *HEIDELBERG SM 72V*, Year:1992,CPTRONIC,CPC 1.03,Alcolor, Size : 20x28

3: *Heidelberg SM 102V*, Year:1991, CPTRONIC,CPC 1.02,Alcolor, Size : 28x40

4: *KOMORI Lithrone L426*,Year:1994,Autoplate,Hard chrome cylinders,PQC,Komorimatic Dampening, Size : 19x26

5: *Heidelberg MOVH*, Year:1987,Alcolor Damp,CPC 1.02 , Size : 19x26


1: *Polly 266APH*, Year : 1998, Water damp,High pile Size : 19x26

2: *Adast Dominant 725P* , Water damp,Size:19x26,11xxx,Double Panel

3. *Heidelberg SM 102ZP*, Year : 1980, Alcolor damp, Size : 28x40


1. *Polar 107 ST*
Located at:
A-33/12A, Vishkarma Compound, Site-IV, Opp Delhi Press, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Near Anand Vihar Metro Station Ghaziabad 201010 Uttar Pradesh India

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