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Vam Organics becomes Jubilant Organosys
New name is part of a re-branding exercise

India`s leading specialty chemicals company, Vam Organic Chemicals Ltd., has changed its name to Jubilant Organosys Ltd as a part of a re-branding exercise being undertaken by the company to `move up the value chain`.

The company is ranked No.3 in the world in the field of Pyridine and Pyridine derivatives. In Choline Chloride, it is ranked amongst the top 10 globally and in Vinyl Pyridine Latex it is among the top 5 in the world. Its wide range of adhesives and emulsions have several products that are used in the packaging and converting industries including hotmelt & pressure sensitive adhesives and packaging & laminating emulsions.

Commenting on the need for a name change, Shyam S Bhartia, Chairman & MD, Jubilant Organosys said, ``The name Vam Organic is no longer relevant as it projects emphasis on commodity chemicals. The new name Jubilant Organosys, reflects our current and future direction with our stress on high-value added chemicals in the international market.``

`` `Jubilant` symbolizes positivity, dynamism, triumph and joy, all of which guide and shape the company`s collective experiences and efforts. `Organosys` suggests life and nature. `Sys` embodies the company`s emphasis on systems, synthesis and science. The combination powerfully positions the new name to reflect the company`s `Science Active` approach that seeks to continuously apply a scientific knowledge to enrich the quality of life,`` says a company press release.

Apart from Jubilant Organosys Ltd., the other companies that will come under the umbrella of Jubilant Corporation are Jubilant Biosys., Dominos Pizza, Hot Breads, Food Express Stores, Network Programs, Digital Talkies, Jubilant Enpro, Geo-Enpro Petroleum, Dyno-Enpro Oil Field Chemicals and AIA Capital.

Date :- 07/01/2002
Source :- Our Correspondent

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